What On Earth Are Schema.org Mark-ups?

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If you’ve never even heard of schema.org, no problem. If you have heard of schema.org and you realize that it’s important for your business, then you’re officially ahead of the curve and up with the latest in search engine optimization.

Riches and rich snippets.

Schema.org is the standard-setting body for an internet code mark-up feature called “rich snippets”. Rich snippets are a great way of telling search engines exactly what key details of your business are. For example, business name, phone number, address, website URL, etc. Search engines can be good at picking up these details automatically, but schema.org rich snippets guarantee that these details jump out for search engine robots, so customers will more easily find your business online.

Basic coding skills required.

So how do you implement schema.org rich snippet mark-ups? Unfortunately you have to get down into the code of your website and actually add code around your business details. Fortunately it’s not too difficult, but you or your web developer have to at least be comfortable with adding tags like <div> and <span> and use the schema.org syntax. You can then use the Google Rich Snippets Tools to check if you’ve done it correctly.

Future-Proof Your Website.

The use of rich snippets is definitely best practice for local business websites these days, but you can still get by quite happily without them. However, search engines have grand plans for rich snippets and the future of search. Incorporating advanced features like this into your website now reduces the risk that you’ll be adversely affected by any search engine algorithm updates.

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