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Supercharge Your Marketing Overnight With PPC

Anyone who knows anything about Search Engine Optimization will tell you that good SEO takes time. For Google to start showing your website on the first page can takes months of consistent and technical SEO work. That’s all well and good, but how can you get customer from the internet sooner that than?

I want to rank on page 1 of Google NOW!

Luckily, Google offers a service called Google Adwords, which can immediately and effectively get you on the first page of search results (Adwords is more commonly known as Paid Search Advertising, or Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or simply PPC). You’ve all seen ads on Google and you’ve probably clicked on hundreds of them, whether consciously or not. Search for almost any phrase you can think of (for example, “plumber in austin tx”), and you’ll see three ads highlighted right at the top and another seven ads running down the far right of the page. This is big business for Google and it makes BILLIONS of dollars each year from people clicking on these ads.

How do I get set up on Adwords?

Big question. And definitely beyond the scope of this post (look out for future posts on the topic). But the very first step to setting up your business on Google Adwords is to study how paid search advertising works. Like any tool, if you don’t know how to use it properly, you could end up wasting a lot of your hard earned cash with zero results. Luckily, Google itself provides a wealth of information about how to set up and optimize your online advertising campaigns. Here is the link (, but make yourself comfortable as there is a lot to learn!

Um, I’m too busy running my business to learn about Paid Search Advertising

Even Google acknowledges that hiring an agency may be the best option if you’re serious about getting great results from paid search advertising. That’s why we offer comprehensive paid search advertising solutions right here are Big Blue Local Internet Marketing. Whether your budget is $600/month or $60,000/month, our Google-certified experts will get you the most bang for your buck.

When will my phone start ringing?

We can set up paid search advertising campaigns within a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the assignment. So you can expect your phone to start ringing and your inbox to start dinging within a very short time. And best of all, your ads will only show to those people searching for exactly what you do, exactly where you do it (hyper focused). And the more you spend, the more leads you’ll get, so you can dial it up or down at will. Paid search advertising really is the ultimate way to supercharge your marketing overnight.

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