Mobile-Friendly Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived

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Back in February of this year Google announced that the “mobile friendliness” of a website would soon become a key ranking factor in search rankings. Well, that day has officially arrived.

The reason for the move is that visits from smartphones and tablets now accounts for up to 60% of all internet activity, according to some sources. Google’s new algorithm will reflect that growing trend. Websites that don’t play well with mobile devices will be demoted in the rankings.

The businesses most likely to hit by the changes are at either end of the spectrum: huge global businesses with complex custom websites, as well as small businesses that lack web development resources to make the necessary changes.

At Big Blue Local we always build client websites based on a fully responsive WordPress framework, which means any websites that we manages looks just as good on a tiny smartphone screen as it does on a large desktop monitor 🙂

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