How Often Does Google Crawl Your Website?

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Is Google ignoring the fresh, original, and fantastic content on your website? Do you post an incredible blog article, only to have it ignored by Google for months? Not cool. But there are some things you can do to help Google discover your amazing work.

How often does Google crawl my website?

When you imagine all the billions of pages on the internet, the mind boggles as to how Google manages to crawl and index everything. Yes, Google has teams of brilliant engineers and vast server farms, but even Google has to prioritize. And it does this by crawling the New York Times every 5 minutes but a typical small business website only once every few months.

How can I get Google to crawl my website more frequently?

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule for how to get your content indexed more frequently by Google. Google looks at the historical record of how frequently you update the content on your website, and the more frequently you add new content, the more frequently Google checks to see if there is anything new to index. So, the bottom line is you kind of have to train Google to check your website frequently by posting new content frequently. Eventually Google learns.

Take matter into your own hands

As mentioned in an earlier post, if Google is stubbornly persisting in not indexing your fantastic original content, there are two surefire ways to make sure Google takes notice. The first is to manually add the URL of your article or post using Google’s submit to index tool ( The second is to post your content to your followers via Google+. This second method has the added benefit of spreading the word via your social networks. And who knows? You might just go viral!

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